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Your first experience

We will be with you every step of the way. We are committed to giving you a positive and therapeutic experience. We will ensure that you're physically and mentally ready before administering your infusion.

01 Sit down with your clinician


This visit will focus on safety and ensuring whether Ketamine therapy is the right treatment for you. You will have a discussion with your mental health clinician about what to expect in your healing journey. This is when your questions are answered, therapeutic relationship is established, and your treatment plan personalized.

Patients are welcome to bring their own blanket/pillow, eye mask, a book to read, ear/headphones to listen to your own playlist, something to write or sketch on during your infusion, or even a family or friend with you.

We recommend that you empty your bladder before the infusion

02 Your first infusion

Vibroacoustic bed 1.jpeg

Once you are comfortable and ready to start your treatment, we will administer your Ketamine infusion over a period of approximately an hour. We typically start at a low dose and incrementally increase it based on individual's response and the clinician's assessment. To ensure your safety, we monitor your vital signs throughout your infusion and prior to discharge.

What is the experience like? No two experiences are alike but most patients report that they experience an altered state of consciousness described as if one is having a very vivid dream while others describe it as if being in a state of deep relaxation and/or intense feeling of calmness and comfort. We understand that for some people, this can be an overwhelming experience. You can always let your clinician know at any point during your infusion if you want to take a break. We recommend letting your mind wander without fear so that you can gain new perspective into your own mental healing journey.

03 Completing your first experience

All Good

Once your infusion is complete, we will continue to monitor you until the medication wears off; typically 20-30 minutes. You MUST arrange a ride home.  Ketamine has established its safety profile for decades now but just like any medications, expect to experience the following after your infusion: 

  • Dizziness

  • Nausea

  • Headache

We encourage that you reflect on your session and immediately journal your experience in the app or your own notebook to optimize the benefit from your treatment. We will also continuously track your progress throughout your mental healing journey via the app.

When do I need a booster? We will closely monitor your Mood Monitor every 2 weeks and when we notice that your symptoms are regressing, we can discuss how to appropriately time your booster infusions. We can also supplement with rapidly-dissolving Ketamine lozenges to increase the interval of your booster doses.

Things to keep in mind!

01                You should try not to eat for 2 hours before your

                    scheduled infusion, as much as possible.

02               Since you can't drive after your infusion. Make

                    sure that you have a ride home.

03               Empty your bladder before each infusion

04               Hydrate in between your infusion doses

05               Utilize the app to share your insights and

                    feedback regarding your infusion experience.

                    his will help us provide you a safe, productive,

                    and personalized mental healing journey

06               Last but not the least, RELAX and keep an open                      and positive mindset!

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