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Medical Weight Loss

Ready to take control of your weight? at All Good  Psychiatry, we are particularly mindful of the potential side effect of weight gain caused by psychotropic medications and how weight can negatively impact one's mental health. We incorporate a comprehensive medical weight loss program, including prescription medications, to help you take control of your weight and mental health.

Weight Care is Mental Health Care

Afraid or tired of gaining weight on your psychotropic medications? Is your weight causing you to feel depressed? At All Good Psychiatry, we strive to eliminate weight gain as a contributing factor to your mental health challenges. Our medical weight loss program gives you access to health coaching, consultations with board-certified clinicians, and prescription weight management medication to ensure that you don't have to worry about weight gain as we choose the best mental health treatment for you.

We care about your weight

Weight Care is a part of our mental health approach

Discounted rates for patients

Real results



No Gimmicks

No Fad Diets

Personalized programs

Safe & Effective

Real results

GLP-1 Medications

Savings card accepted

No Insurance needed

Insurance coverage assistance

How it works


Fill out our
Medical Forms

Complete a simple online medical form so we can have a better picture of your overall health and prior weight loss history. You don't have to be an existing All Good Psychiatry patient to work with us on your weight loss journey. There will be a separate psychiatry intake that needs to be done first before the weight care medical intake if you choose to receive or transfer your psychiatry care over to us.

Drug and Syringe
Medical Form



an appointment

Get your

If you're a new patient receiving psychiatry care, you will need to set-up an initial psychiatry consultation first. Once approved, a separate visit will be scheduled to receive a more personalized weight loss plan including prescription medication, if appropriate (such as GLP-1 medications).

If you're an existing patient, you will have a separate appointment to discuss weight care with your current provider.

Receive your medication in the mail OR you can come to our clinic to have it administered by one of our registered nurses.

Every weight loss journey is unique

We understand that your journey to weight loss is unique but you don't have to gain weight on your medications. Our weight care plan for you considers your unique biology and lifestyle for real and long-lasting results.

Our clinicians prescribe medications that are used to:

Suppress appetite

Support Healthy blood sugar levels

Decrease cravings

White Pills

"A new obesity drug could help millions of Americans"


"A new treatment

for obesity"


Safe & Effective weight loss medications

Medications we commonly prescribe for weight loss









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Weight care is Mental health Care

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