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Insurance & Billing process

If you're in-network with us, you will receive an e-mail from Alma and/or Headway explaining your payment responsibility for the upcoming session. Transparency is really important to us, but we are currently unable to provide you an exact cost before your visit. Hence, you will receive a price range of what you can expect to pay. The rate is not what we bill nor reflects our contracted rate with your insurance plan. We use a 3rd party billing company to manage everything related to payments and insurance. By doing this, it allows us to accept certain insurance plans without all of the billing and admin work, so that we can focus our energy on our time together.

Chat with your provider

Send secure messages to your provider via our HIPAA-compliant messaging platform regarding your medication management


For out-of-network and private-pay, you will receive invoices via email after each visit, and can reference and download them directly from your Headway account anytime

Connect with therapists

Have access to a vast network of in-network therapists or even other psychiatrists to augment your overall mental health care.

Insurance handling

Headway will handle all insurance calls and claim processing. Before a session, they make sure you understand your benefits and costs, and we will keep you updated if there’s ever a change in your coverage

Schedule appointment

Book an appointment with your provider. You'll also get reminders ahead of each session, including estimated price and cancellation policies.

More time with you

Headway allows us to spend less time with administrative tasks and spend more time with what matters most, you!

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with Headway or Alma

Your payment responsibility is an estimate that reflects your insurance coverage eligibility as of the first of the Month. This is subject to change based on updates to your insurance details and services rendered during the visit. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out directly to them at for Headway clients or at for Alma clients. They would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your insurance eligibility and payment responsibility. They will handle all insurance processing, co-payments, invoice, etc. You can also visit their websites by clicking here: HEADWAY or ALMA

Getting started

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